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5 New songs makes Volume One, the extra one that always takes it to eleven. 


Sounds like this





     George Jano is an Americana/Indie-Folk/ Blues-Rock songwriter based out of Baltimore, MD with Australia and Colorado places he once got to call home. Writing and performing songs since the age of 16, George Jano has spent the last 17 years taking his music around the world and back. While he continues to take his music with him where ever he goes, a life spent songwriting continues to take him places he never thought he could go. 

He’s officially back! With the release of his second album, “Under The Sun, Vol. One.”  The first of a trilogy EP's, that will make up the final full length 15 track album.

Vol. two is set for release in early 2023 (TBA)

“Under The Sun, Vol. One,” is now available on all digital music services, for streaming and digital download, alongside his debut full length album “Good For You” (2018).

    George Jano, was once on a mission to create positive change in the world through the power of music. Which is as cliche as it sounds, and why he’s trying new techniques. But still, that's the goal, and one that only sounds like a pipe dream to those with tunnel vision. George had made up his mind from the start, when he first listened to his heart, and heard a song he had never heard, but one he would sing along. Even after all the doubt that his mind would soon find, George never allowed for mind over matter. As these are matters of the heart. And now after 17 years, with all the highs and lows, it's ebbs and flows, the singing and songwriting still remains. As it always will for George Jano.

       So far it’s only amounted him the change thrown in his guitar case, Spared from the pockets of passerby’s who could afford to give, but run along to live like they’re running out of time. But he never minds the ones who quickly pass him by. He can only hope it's someone's hero in a hurry to help, or go make some real change in the world.

   When asked why he still does this after all these years, having not yet seen all the change he had hoped for, after all the struggles along the way?

   "If it was about me, I'd quit. But it's for them, all of them. It's not for everybody, but it is for the people who are here, the people who are always there for each other. I want to connect with them, or bring them together in the here and now. At the very least, maybe help them get on their way. But if only for a moment, I can bring people together, surround them in the sounds of a love song, get their hearts falling in sync with the beat as they begin to sing along with me, with each other - well then together will be doing what i set out to do from the start - sing from the heart. If that happens enough, there isn't a thing in this world that could keep us apart." 

    “Music can make positive change, and songs can inspire people globally. but if we want to see change, we all have to do so by acting locally. Here and now. By being the change you want to see in the world.
Unless that change means giving up writing music in your 30’s. Then don’t change. We don’t need less musicians in the world."

If no one song is going to save the world, maybe that’s why he keeps on writing them.


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